• Christy Breedlove

Things Overheard in Middle School

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

I have been working in a public middle school in Georgia for several years. I love being in the media center, surrounded by books and helping Ms. M, the world's most awesome media specialist. There are only a few things I don't like--

Silverfish. These rat bast...finks are the scariest looking things on the planet followed closely by my 18 year old son waking up too early on a Saturday morning. And...

( Example of Silverfish, not the rude parents)

Rude people. Some parents need to revisit their pajama wearing and manners. The kids I can handle for the most part but we seem to have a few types of parents from helicopter to buddy-buddy to hands off mom to my least favorite--how the heck did you reproduce parent.

But what I love and honestly keeps me in stitches are the kids at the middle school They crack me up and are prime for story plot lines, settings or whatever.

Let me set the stage for today. Two six grade girls gossiping in car riders while I direct traffic and avoid being killed by carbon monoxide emissions.

"Wow." Blonde with blue streaks. "J really immature." (I didn't forget the verb in the previous sentence. Blonde/Blue Streaks didn't use a verb)

"Yeah." Brunette with "I'm Over You" sweat shirt. "He's a third grader in a sixth grader's body."

WTH? I wanted to immediately defend J but sadly, a truck that surely has failed the state emissions test sped by and I was immediately struck by a fit of coughing.


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